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When do I get which Item - A reference


He’s alright, but the low hp makes him vulnerable


Can you clarify that? @GrassPanther1


oh…ok thanks @Neel_Sharma


Sure, but right now I’m having a problem opening up the maps! Ill let you know! @Neet_Sharma


Go to codecombat now and the levels that you haven’t unlocked yet show the item you get! I’m currently beating all of them and I don’t think I can get another item! :frowning:


for instance this popped up for stranded in the dunes with a key, itll always show a key and the item


It does that I think because you haven’t unlocked that hero, or subscribed to Codecombat


will there be any more limited time item levels?


Maybe in future special events. I honestly don’t know, but I hope that one will come up soon :smiley:


I like what they did with the Master Sword. They should do an event where there are 10 new challenge levels and by the end of the week, if you completed 1 you get 100 gems, 3 you get 500 gems, 5 you get 1000 gems, 8 you get 3000 gems, and if you completed all levels, you get a special item, maybe a pet or something.


Or a new multiplayer challenge event. They haven’t done one in like forever :smile:


I’m not sure what you’re getting at…? Please state your point :slight_smile:


One that is sorta rude and what are you talking about?


You are very rude. Please do not talk about other users in a bad way


Guys Its all right now that I made the post temporary hidden.


And we all know its rude.


cool! but what made you want to write this?


RUDE?!?! What did you do?


@Ben10 said something about being a noob. New CodeCombat users naturally ask plenty of questions, mainly because they are still getting used to their new environment. Even if they are not new, no one knows exactly everything about CodeCombat, so questions are still accepted. That’s the purpose of this discourse. Here is where we ask questions, bring up new ideas, and try to help others (among others, but you get the gist).
Either way, that post has been flagged, so there’s nothing to worry about for now :slightly_smiling_face:


Updating this post because I haven’t posted in 2 years:
Kelvintaph Glacier:

  • Hitman - Unlocks Ritic the Cold, purchase him with gems (Gem count 29000 :frowning:)

Also, when is the Ultimate Wizard hero coming out?

Have an amazing night/day/afternoon/time-of-day-depending-on-your-timezone,