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Which ring should i buy ?only cost <1000 gems

can i equip two rings?(one in the left and one in the right)
which ring shoudl i buy?
(tarnished copper ring,steel ring,wooden strand,thornprick)
i dont want to spend gem to buy ring over 1000 gem

Yes, you can buy two rings and wear them at once. I’m not sure which rings to buy. I don’t have access to CoCo at the moment…

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hello there just buy thornpick so so usefull in the game in ambush like ogre ambush with few health dan also wooden strand for your healing in last level in backwood

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u dont need preium for rings

So do you complete last level of backwood already?

Yes,with smaller than 200 hp

Ok good luck then in sarvern

I know. But I couldn’t see what rings I have and what is good.

With less than 200 up u will struggle with scouts in desert

hmm, what rings do you have already?
because personally, my favourite duo is thorn prick and wooden strand they make munchkins pretty useless

What u get to desert thron prick got bad

oh ok get undying ring haven’t tried it yet but seems pretty good

I would save for kings ring for mountain or invis