Who has tauran armor?

sure!@qwerty here is the picture

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I have it it’s okay but It’s nice to brag about

I have it as well, the level was pretty easy.

it was kind of easy but I passed it thanks to @abc


here is the link a @qwerty Play Yak Rampage and Unlock the Legendary Tauran Set!

the armor has okay health but amazing regeneration

Try to do it without flags :wink:.

If I don’t use flags then I would maybe use vectors to move away.

is this thing only for people who subscribed?

yeah sorry @Falcons118 if you haven’t subscribed and want the armor

its fine my code combat isnt working anyway.

try using flags and the blue fox as a distraction

Pender + invisibility + distraction + flags == winning

I used alehandro so and I didn’t use my invisibility ring but I used the blue fox

A nice challenge is to try taking no damage at all :slight_smile:


EZ. pet.shapeShift really helps.

yeah that is true and I barely beat the level I came out with 1000 health

I had 1117 health and survived with 3 health!

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wow that is lucky @riticmaster9087