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New level in JavaScript instead of Python


I just loaded Hunters and Prey, and the sample code is in JavaScript, instead of the language I chose, Python. I checked my language, and it’s Python, but the level is still in JavaScript. Why is this?


Did you ever load the level in JavaScript before without manipulating the sample-code? If yes then you see your first “attempt”.

Try to Reset the level with the button in the top right. If that doesn’t help, press Shift while doing so. One of the two completly resets your level, but I forgot which one.

Tell us if it worked.


It worked. Thank you!


@J_F_B_M What do u mean by the first method cause I have the same problem. @ChronistGilver which method had u used and if it was the first one what had u done?


When you press “Reload” in thd top right corner, does the sample code still appear in JavaScript?


Yes it appears in Javascript!!!