Why my rank not there?

here my rank is 1271

but i have 12k+ score and i feel like 12k+ score should be at like 200ish
but ive scrolled even below 12k score and im still unseen

while my other code

is below 12k score and is at 200-300 anyone know why?

and even so
i have 95 wins thats extremely good for a 1000+ ranked player…

What arena is this? (20chars)

dueling grounds, but why does it matter?

If you click “more” enough it will show your real rank; it doesn’t update in real time.

but look
shadow is 162 rank
and i can see him like 3 ranks away from me

and im nowhere to be seen

You have to scroll down to the rank that is thinks you were at (1271 in this case) and then it will update.
Screenshot from 2023-12-07 07-38-36