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Why tf can i not pass this level, i have such a good chestplate but the treg guy keeps no scoping me. i do not approve of this game. 2 out of 10 stars




Er, okay. What level is this? Also, post your code. We can’t help you without this information. Don’t forget to read the FAQ.


what kind of chestplate do you have if you keep getting killed by one guy?


Um, we can’t help you with that. Please Provide more information as @ChronistGilver mentioned. Phrases like “i need help” or "i can’t figure it out’’ do not help us help you. Please post your code, what happens, and anything else that would be helpful. Also, as @ChronistGilver noted, don’t forget to read the FAQ to learn how to format your code.



If it is a multiplier level, the CPU enemy hero will have EXACTLY the same equipment as you.

Once you beat the CPU, your expensive equipment will help you against other player without equipment.

But first you have to pass the CPU test and show us you can code.