Will you still have the armour if you restart?

Will I lose the limit-time armour thing if I restart?

yes you will @Code_Master since that was part of your progress and you lose all progress when re-setting

Really? That’s really sad because I always restart :frowning: :frowning:

I love how, in the topic name, you call it the armor. :laughing:

after I gave the link out to everyone everyone is going all crazy about it


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you make me confessed

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You’re fine, it’s just good to know at the beginning. :upside_down_face:

mmm… looks like your not from the U.S your from somewhere on the other side of the world

? what? how can you be sure that she isn’t from the US? :thinking:

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Yeah, how?

Cause by the time you usally reply im alredy in bed

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Well I actually am in the US. But I wake up late and go to bed late. And in some days I have sports taking up 5 hours of my day, so yeah.

But we’re getting very off topic so we ought to stop talking about this

To clear up some confusion, as far as my knowledge goes, any limited-time rewards(ie. Tauran Armor, Wyvernclaw, Master Sword) will be gone if you restart. Hopefully we can find a method to avoid that from happening. (Adding an exception to limited-time rewards?)


yes please! (oh wow, haven’t replied in discourse in a looooooooooooooooooong time)

ok sorry (i like your Zelda pfp)

Hehe, thanks. I like your pfp too.

tnks its from MHA (short for MY HERO ACADEMIA)

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