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Workflow Desire of Finding a Reviewer + Translation Notes of German


I have a simple desire:
I translated texts on the translation page. I understand that an other diplomat has to review (and maybe to correct the translation) and to release it. But I found no information who has the trust of the project leader to be the reviewer. Sometimes I need feedback of my mistake or misconception to not repeat it. Furthermore in my opinion seven compains on the German translation page are well translated into German since about 2 weeks. How can I find one reviewer to push together the compains translation?
And I am looking for a list of notes how to translate a word / expression / idiom in the same way (i.e. munchkin > Zwerg, gnome > Gnom, dwarf > Wichtel, loop da loop - in German unknow soup / advertising - a special youtube video?)


The nb Diplomats started a glossary in the wiki to resolve some of these issues and be consistent; we could start a German one as well, although I’m not sure too many people looked at it:

@Imperadeiro98 is the i18n boss who reviews and accepts the patches, although we don’t have specific language bosses for each language.

I’ve reviewed the Campaign patches and accepted them now, thanks!


Thank you! I’ll look into the Glossary.


I think you’re right, nobody will read it.


The following Campaign and a Achievement are still open:

Completed 10 Basic Syntax Levels

Could you check up?