Yeti eater - adventurer

this has become my favorite nalfar cryptor level, look how much HP he has, and how huge he is


Level design apart, this level got me wondering why the scaled sprite is getting blurry. The Hero sprites are in SVG format, right? Are they getting blurry because the game engine scales them with a CSS transform…?

Nice :slight_smile: Now you can just stomp yetis and enemies.

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What the fudge even happened!! Don’t you think we should report this to Nick?

This is supposed to happen, play the level and you will see. Your hero grows as they absorb Yetis’ powers.

Tom used addition scale from Nalfar skill and level scaling (x2). It’s ok. As I said early - if you are creative and smart, then we don’t restrict levels too strict. The same as with top gear equipment.

i realized i could summon burls, so I was able to make him even bigger


Oh ok, thanks for the info! :grinning: