Could someone clarify rules

Could someone please tell me what is bannable in the code combat game itself? I’m not talking about the forum by the way.

Hi @randomologist,
Well, I don’t think anything is ‘bannable’ as such, but I guess maybe innapropriate things, wherever on codecombat you might put them, or cheating on a level. But you won’t get banned for that, your code would probably just get removed.
Do you have anything in mind? :wink:

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accessing levels that you have not unlocked yet using inspect element or URL manipulation. I would like to know because I don’t want to go around doing these things until I get confirmation that I will not get banned.

There’s no “bannable” offense in CoCo unless you do something that may impact the servers or hacking acccounts. As for the URL manipulation, it’s not bannable but it may impact your learning because you’re skipping ahead.


What about unlocking levels you have to pay for?

You can’t really unlock paid levels unless you’re a subscriber.

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if someone manages to will they get banned hypothetically

Technically no, but I would advise against doing so.

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If you have found a way to do this, the honorable thing to do would be to share how, privately with Chaboi or one of the other mods, via a PM. They could then engage the devs if needed. If such an exploit does exist, it would be best to let it be known, if for no other reason than to help ensure the same does not happen in future developments.


Didn’t find anything at [terms of service] (, but IMHO I guess things that concern financial questions (cheating to increase gems quantity fe, or obtaining heroes without subscribing) or site fuctionality ( like D / DoS attacks or site hacking or CoCo database manipulating / changing) and real crime like fraud or fishing or trying to use game to spread exploits / viruses / botnets possibly could result ban.
As for game itself, I don’t remember someone was banned for using his skills + game bugs / errors)
Again, it’s all my thoughts.