Youtube/Twitch commentary for the AI League?

Wondering if there’s any possibility to have video-streamers do commentary on some Infinite Inferno or Blazing Battle matches, especially now that the AI League is in season?

Would be pretty cool to watch, I think, especially if the commentator(s) can talk about the strategies being used, why someone won, etc. Might be able to help with both drumming up excitement, and sparking more discussions about strategies.


I agree, although please do not give that role to me, I’m terrible at ,at making videos XD


Yup, we’re about to do something like this. To any players: do you want to be on there to talk about your strategies? We aim to have a host for the stream, so you could be in conversation with him. Our default is to do it with our game designers, but could consider also player participation.

Sorry, I think I’m gonna opt out.