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Zana is very OP in Dueling grounds

Can you give me the console error message?

@Chaboi_3000 console says:
Non-UserCodeError: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘effects’ of null

Maybe when Zana got released it doesn’t have the effect status coded in or something?

Whose code is it? My guess is that they might have a check for hasEffect but their variable assigned to the enemy hero is in the loop and is null. So when the enemy hero goes invisible the enemy can’t be found and the hasEffect method has nothing to check. Your code is not in an infinite loop, but their code locks up which sometimes stops your code which seems like an infinite loop on your end.

Hm okay.

CodeCombat really needs to fix that then, because the enemy player would be able to stop me from using invisibility against them even though it’s their code that has a fault.

I forgot to add a function for hasEffect for one of the moves. Can you try again and see if it works now?

one thing superSmacker, you can also do hero.cast("invisibility", self)

Hey i appreciate that your trying to help him and/or give him a tip but this topic was from two years ago and considered dead also supersmacker is probably not even using this anymore so please dont do this next time.


gah okay 20 charssssssssssssssss

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