Tips and tricks for dueling grounds welcome!

I am kind of failing dueling grounds. I want to be one of the best but I am a long way away. Any tips?

@riticmaster908 @moonwatcher348 Anybody else!

btw plez dont at us but sure here ar som tipz
tip 1: use decoys and bear traps and units for damage
tip 2 summon thngs like burls(if u can) as much as possible

Ok. Thanks. It is just that you are the only peaple (other then eric-tang) that I know of, I am new.

ok that i get also what hero do u use? and what is ur stuff? please send pics

I’ll help once I’m done with class.

try saving for sottg

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Alejandro, For some reason though it is different then what it has for dueling grounds. For dueling grounds it is Hattori.

Uhhh… Who is sottg, I looked.

sword of the temple gaurd

I will save up for the sword. that will take a bit, but I trust you.

but if you want to get a KB sword get sword of the forgoten if u want to save money
but sottg is the best for warriors

I am creating a sample “intermediete” level for you

Thank you. And also, how are you so smart for only 8?

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IDK i started coding from 6 or 7

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btw im 9 now

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Oh, that is still young. I am 12 I am having trouble on half of the levels!

dont worry I will use only shielding no decoys no attacks fair?

You can attack just use a weak sword.