Tips and tricks for dueling grounds welcome!

I am kind of failing dueling grounds. I want to be one of the best but I am a long way away. Any tips?

@riticmaster908 @moonwatcher348 Anybody else!

btw plez dont at us but sure here ar som tipz
tip 1: use decoys and bear traps and units for damage
tip 2 summon thngs like burls(if u can) as much as possible

Ok. Thanks. It is just that you are the only peaple (other then eric-tang) that I know of, I am new.

ok that i get also what hero do u use? and what is ur stuff? please send pics

I’ll help once I’m done with class.

try saving for sottg

Alejandro, For some reason though it is different then what it has for dueling grounds. For dueling grounds it is Hattori.

Uhhh… Who is sottg, I looked.

sword of the temple gaurd

I will save up for the sword. that will take a bit, but I trust you.

but if you want to get a KB sword get sword of the forgoten if u want to save money
but sottg is the best for warriors

I am creating a sample “intermediete” level for you

Thank you. And also, how are you so smart for only 8?

IDK i started coding from 6 or 7

btw im 9 now

Oh, that is still young. I am 12 I am having trouble on half of the levels!

dont worry I will use only shielding no decoys no attacks fair?

You can attack just use a weak sword.