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A new replayable level and some other ideas

Hi guys,
In August 2017 a player kaiduck created a topic about a replayable glacier level. He suggested a few names, from which my favourite one is Kelvintaph Siege. What I think it could be is giving the hero nothing else but boss star 5, a stone hammer, nalfar character and death spell tome V. Other accesories, like rings, would be choosen by the hero. You would’ve 1,5 minutes to prepare for a 2-minute siege, where the goal would be protecting sth, let’s say Kith. This would allow many interesting strategies which can’t be developed in a normal, short level. In higher stages you would get more gold and more coins would spawn, but also warlock, witches and fangriders would join the siege. In a level like that, a good commanding, logical thinking and creativity would be essential. Choosing what to recruit, how to build fortifications, giving tasks to peasants - it’d be a lot of fun and hard code work. What do you think about this idea? What tactic would you choose? Tell me in the replies. In the ending, I’ll post one of my strategic ideas - the decoy battery.
Given Nalfar, we can either think of using soul link in an interesting way or sacrificing units. As we are given the hammer, we can’t attack, which means that sacrificing units for our attack isn’t such a good idea as on other replayable levels. But, given the time to prepare, we can build a lot (like 10) decoys and soul-link them all with Kith. This would give additional HP for the Kith. It can be also combined with paladins, which would heal the decoys and Kith for better results.
I hope you like my idea. I think Codecombat should focus more on code creativity, and I am happy to see new glacier levels which can be done in multiple, strategical ways. In my opinion also advanced techniques like vectors should be used for combat. As an example I would like to introduce ice spike staff, which can be bought as soon as you reach the glacier. As an input you would give the vector. The staff would create a spike in shape of that vector, which could hurt enemies. The longer the vector, the less damage it would deal and thus it would probably become subject to many interesting strategies.
Let me know what you think in the replies, and feel free to post your own ideas.

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Hey @nick, maybe this can be a good addition to Kelvintaph Glacier. :slight_smile:

thanks for telling the devs! uwu owo

I like the idea, although I would rather that some of the strategy limitations be accomplished by level design rather than built into the level (so that players without Nalfar can still play, and there’s even more strategic variation). Perhaps by restricting all weapons, it’s enough.

Wanna build the level?

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No, I’m not good at building levels and I am very happy You saw my idea. I don’t want to build it, because I’m not experienced enough at building levels and my idea wouldn’t be realised in such a good form as I would want it to be. If You don’t want to limit players to Nalfar, then I’m happy about it. If You want ot give any credits to me, then also give them to the level designer as idea is one think, and making the level is another one. Once again, I’m really happy that You noticed my idea. :smiley:

This level will take some time, effort and thinking to build. It’s better to assign this task to paid game devs(Better quality) if this level were to be created.

Yes, that’s what I’m sayin’. It will take some time, and if a player, who is not a proffesionalist at building levels, does it, then it may not be as good as it could be. I agree.

I think players should be also given boss star V