Account Reset, back to level 1

Hello there,
since this is my first post, would like to expres my deep apreciation of your work, this is realy great project.

Today at 26.10.15, around12:00am I registered in for the first time on forums, was registering through facebook, and since i seen my old email addres, i decided to change it on facebook and then i proceded with registration.
Registred sucesfully, but then later, i reloged in the game, just to see that all my progres in the game is lost, was level around 24, now im level 3 with 64 gems from simulating the games, guess level 3 i got as well from there, since i didnt play any game since reset.

Hope i was clear enough about my problem, if you need more info please assk me.
Can i get my old progres back?

thank you

Did you log in with Facebook the second time? If so, try using your old email address to log in. If not, well, we call @nick.

Thank for fast reply,
tried to change addres on facebook to old address and then it works, but problem is I dont want to use that address on facebook anymore.

Then I tried to change way I log into game and made pasword and old email as login credentials, but when I change email address on facebook, no matter do I log on through facebook or through old email and pasword credentials, I get loged in into acount level 3.

If there is a way that I can log into my account level 24 with changed email on facebook that would be great.
Tried changing email in game already, but it cannot be done, the game says new email is already in use, and it is, basicaly at the moment I have two accounts to which i can both acces just if I change my facebook email address, which is not realy practical