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Account Subscription Problem



I have an account that is old-ish and I was away from Code Combat for a while. Now that I’m back I’ve noticed that CC has implemented regional payment options for my country (Brazil) but that requires me to create a new account. While trying to do that I’ve run into three problems:

1 - I can’t login with my existing account as the regional provider doesn’t seem to support facebook login.
2 - I can’t create a regional account with the same e-mail address (it says the e-mail is already in use)
3 - Creating a new account with a different e-mail address obviousy forces me to start over with a fresh account, which I definitely don’t want to.

How can I subscribe again while keeping my account state intact?


Try the log in not sign up. If that does not work use I forgot my password section and go to your mail and change your passwords and log in! If that does not work email