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Achievement for ladder simulations won't update


Hi there, as topic says. I’ve tried almost everything - playing new levels, changing user settings (including sound volume as advised) but it is stuck in 4-days old state. Any suggestions?


from here

You should eventually, get the “Citizens of Ladderville” achievement announcement. usually only takes a couple of cycles around the possible settings…


Actually, after I logout all my recently changed account settings are back as they were before, so I suppose thats the problem. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


If you think this is a bug, report it on GitHub. This forum can only give you help on light topics. Code improvements, algorithm discussion or (new favorite) HEL-problems (seriously, I love that abbreviation).


Try now–I think there was a bug causing a handful of users to not be able to save updates to their settings and gems and such, but I fixed it last night. If it’s still not working, open the JS console to look for User object saving validation messages.


thats exactly what happened to me!