Achievements for levels

Here you can post what you think is an impressive achievement, like for example, surviving for 60 seconds in reaping fire (yes, I realize that it’s listed as a bonus, but it’s the best thing I could think of…)

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Get 10 (or higher) in at least one replayable level.

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Buying 5, 10, 25 items in the shop
I feel like getting a small amount of gems and some XP after a few purchases would be nice

Subscriber only:
(Character name) Novice (10), Amateur (25), Professional (50), Master (100)
Using certain characters in x amount of levels and experimenting your play style would be cool too

I got to level 8 or 9 on backwoods brawl

That’s not what I mean, look above

Nice, I got to 8 and then it just kept crashing xD

Oof sorry lol

getting max gear for a type of hero

Hmm, most people do though, so not really

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I got to eight on Kithgard Brawl. I got to eight on Backwoods Brawl. I also got to six on Cloudrip Brawl. I got to five on Cloudrip Treasure. As a non-sub, I think those are pretty good!

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What about Sarven Brawl?

I only got to level four or something. I should probably work on my code there a bit.

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being number 1 in ur age bracket in a tournament (cough cough me cough cough sharkycombat cough cough shininglice cough cough Valent Nathanel cough cough Stephan Yashin cough cough etc)

Beating one of these people in any multiplayer in harrowlands and dueling grounds

PeterPalov, Our mighty buddy
Thorkas bro who is … (too long of a name)

Dueling grounds:
Eric_Tang, the best nyan cat there is, (known as @Endsoldier or @Eric_Tang )
Jasonelif (again)

I did that in Mages Might :]