[Adventurer] Haunted Graves


There are recent reports that adventurers are being lost in this haunted and abandoned grave. So you were sent to investigate the area. But then, you were suddenly attacked by the undead. Can you survive the onslaught and protect this once sacred area? If you dare click this link. Again, it’s one of my challenge fighting levels I made.


ooooh… sounds spoooooooky…


Or easy…


I think that you should only allow ranger or warrior types because wizards can summon undead, officially ruining the point of securing the undead.


I got the warlock on my side LOL


I didn’t even attempt to go for a caster, I used Ritic, but it was NOT easy! Thanks for the challenge!


I’ll make it harder for those casters who use the undead. Thanks for helping me with the thang template. :wink:


Ok, balanced a bit more, and now no casters! Everyone try again.


I tried it with Senick and the blue fox, with no boss star and got success.
The weapons I used were the white bomb and the gift of the trees and I didn’t collect the potions.
I think it still needs to be a bit harder, nice level though!
:lion: :lion: :lion:


There were potions?!


There were when I did it, just yesterday.


Yeah, there were always potions spawning every once in a while. :wink: