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[Adventurer] If-stravaganza


Early forest, early-if-statement level here: If-stravaganza

This level is meant to gauge a player’s competency with if-statements after a level where we basically give them the answer. It’s a really easy level, but let me know if you see anything that blocks people from completing it.


Nice. I like the NPCs chit-chat :wink:

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Yes, very fun little level.

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completed without issue

added LUA patch


my if stravaganza is locked. but I finished the level before it. Is this level new?


Same here, @ant!

"The hero, versus munchkins! Get your tickets here!"
When you’re just trying to do your job and people treat you like a show.:neutral_face:

"5 gold on the ogres."
When you’re doing your job well and then people start betting on you.:rage: