[Adventurer] Rational Defense

The Mountain level Rational Defense is ready for playtesting!

It’s the mastery level is level about str.split(sep) method.


This looks like a pretty rational defense!

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This looks like “Let’s wipe out all ogres in this forest” :slight_smile:

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completed without issue

added LUA patch

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im having trouble playing it …it wont let me past picking the warrior…the play button wont click??

It’s probably not a problem with this level. Play works correctly for me.

I see the hammers are restricted in this level. Do you currently have that selected as your primary weapon?

I’m having the same issue. Play-button won’t click. Hammer is not my primary weapon.

Please could you post a screenshot of this.

I realized the issue. I clicked on the link that started this thread when Rational Defense was ready for testing. I just got to the Mountain Level and thought it started in the upper left with rational defense. The flag was yellow since I had already “played” it.

I didn’t realize that the levels started in the lower right hand corner with “Crag Tag”. Although I’ve clicked it and played it from the Nov 16’ link…I haven’t unlocked the levels to get there yet. All good.


I know how that goes…I did the same thing on Glacier and it confused the heck out of me!

Same, I think they should clarify that one a bit, but ah well…