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[Adventurer] Subarray Retreat


It’s one more experimental simple level to show you the difference between various algorithms.
Subarray Retreat

Yes, it’s a simple one. Yes, I know it.


@Bryukh theres a weird thing here, I can walk straight through.


Fun one, I wrote my own algorithm which ended up being the same one you had in the sample.

Worked good except that I used a y of 41 when I went to collect the gems and thus I kept dying until I realized I needed to set y at 40 instead.


Yeah, I suppose you played at cached version of the level. That bug should be fixed. Please say me if you get that problem again.


You can use item positions :wink: they have Y=40.


Still can walk straight through.


LOL there is a huge bug on the level
i literally just equipped the boots of leaping and jumped straight over the magic missles
bug definitely needs to be fixed @Bryukh


Heh, Thanks! I have one idea how to change the logic to prevent other cheats too.


btw i cant find the level in the normal campaign…

is it released yet??

if so, what part of the map?


Yep, in the Mountain campaign


Should be fixed (maybe it will take some time to refresh cache on servers)


I can still walk through.


Try to play with the direct link


I can still go through.


It’s strange. Could you say which username you’re using? I’ll try to research it because I can’t reproduce it.


Submitted patch to avoid further cheats.


It’s not a cheat. I know about those methods. It’s simple level so it’s ok to solve it “straight way” with advanced heroes.


One more – you can’t limit heroes abilities that way.


Oh I’m sorry @Bryukh.


i can still jump through the missles without dying
all i had to do is this:

hero.jumpTo({"x": 40, "y": 64})
while hero.time < 10:
hero.moveXY(40, 64)

rip lol