(Adventurer) The Revenge of the Dragon Master


Hey Guys! I just recently played The Revenge of the Dragon Master, and after killing all of the visible enemies, I can’t still beat it. Can anyone help me beat it?

It says that I have beaten 11/12 .


Umm, I think you need to show your code, so we can look for any problems.


probably because one of the enemies is off the screen because of one of you allies.


RIP. When I tried to play it ran out of memory :confused:


Oh hi! I created this level but one thing, the barracks are also thangs so you should kill them.



Is the Kelvintaph Guardian supposed to be killable? cuz mine died at the end… :frowning:


Kelvintaph guardian might die but I made it attackable


I had the artillery bombarding the chieftain, with the kelvintaph guardian acting as the shield

How much dps does the chieftain have?

Also, accept the patch (makes the level’s lifetime longer so you can actually kill all the ogres, and increases range of artillery so users are more likely to learn to use algorithms to snipe ogres :smiley: )


what… someone tell me what’s wrong here: