And so it begins again! (SPOILER)

Can’t wait for it to be released to the public!:


Maybe finally on April fools…Again. Haha.


awe!..that’s why I did it early :grin:

@Deadpool198 is very talented at art, that volcano map may be actually used in the real one. Who knows :man_shrugging:


yes, he is most certainly that…fingers crossed!

But I wonder, does it need more levels?
25 seems like a small number of levels even compared Kelvintaph Glacier.
And also the lava looks real cool


Also, next time how about one underwater themed?

no it should be based off of the moon or the sun oh or even MARS

This is a fantasy world. We shouldn’t put real life special stuff in it. Like another world probably won’t have the moon or the sun or Mars. And also, you need to remember the heroes don’t have spacesuits. Also why would Mars be behind the sun? Good suggestion though.

that’s a nice level
although if you trying to make something good it should be less like Laval like things
it reminds me of Kithgard dungeon

oooh what about the underworld or heaven like themes

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Or what about a delicious magic island oooooooooh/. That will be great! ;D

An island that takes three hours to get to, through a raging storm! With exploding coconuts…only, they don’t deal damage, the deal health to any within range. Be careful not to toss close to an enemy!

when level 66 items are done then change them to unlock on level 42, only chaboi3000, nick, deadpool198, me, and another user using them r not fair.

Maybe level 45 unlock cuz there will be this volcano world

how did you get the photo of the new world @dedreous it hasn’t even come out yet!(Not being mean)!

@Deadpool198 drew it

wow how it look realistic. WHAT IF DEADPOOL iS THE CREATOR OF code combat


maybe. (20 z*^@^@^*)

sooo cooool(just imagine @Deadpool198 )

Also, take a look at the date I posted it :wink: