Announcement: Pets


It was just an idea from me, no actual leaks. I dug further into the game’s code and found that it was referenced as “volcano”, so the word Volcano is going to be in its name.


Still, the lava castle name is nice. I maybe think a good name for it is:The Bone-Melting Volcanos.


Also, the cougar pet!


Don’t you already get the cougar pet when you subscribe and beat a certain level (I can’t remember which one)?


The Second Kithmaze and Known Enemy unlock the Wolf and Cougar pet. I’m pretty sure its known enemy though.


Are you a subscriber?


No, my parents won’t pay for it :cry:


Maybe you can persuade them in a nice way? That’s how I got to be a subscriber!


My mom’s actually willing to get me a subscription but my dad disagrees…

Even after I tell him about the Game Dev and Web Dev stuff… :sob:


Tell him that its good to start programming early and it could help you build up a career. Many IT jobs for advanced python and js are way above 6 figures. If you have experience, some companies are willing to pay around 130k for consultation jobs.


Thanks, all of you guys! Now my dad is considering getting me a subscription if I study Python harder.
Better hit the books! :smile:


Nice! I’m super glad. The thing is that for coding you just need to remember the pattern and techniques and you will be able to be a pro!


Thank you so much! :smile:


It’s a great thing to be a subscriber. You get 2,000 gems every month. I prefer the life subscription though


3500 gems to be exact.:slight_smile:


Oh…right! Good observation @CHECHA1232


Yeah, cuz cougars always speak.


every time i play a multiplayer my pet always attacks me.why?


Could it be related to this issue?
Try unequipping your pet.


Why are pets subscriber only but non-subscribers can still buy pets and not realize they can only be equipped by subscribers? I would at least put a warning on the store page that says pets can only be equipped by subscribers. It was a waste of gems when I found out that I can’t use the pet I bought.