[Answered] What does the wooden strand do?

I have never been able to know what the wooden strand does because it always did this:
wooden strand
Can someone tell me what it does?

Huh, that’s weird, it has never done that for me. This is what it’s supposed to look like:


Thank you, that’s always what it does. :grinning:

It basically gives HP regeneration. Which may be useful over time. Since it gives 3 HP/second, and considering a normal CoCo level is 60 seconds, then you will heal a potential of 180 HP total. It’s not too good, but there’s gear that I use that gives me 50 HP/second, so that’s 3000 HP healed in a single level! Since wooden strand only gives 3 HP/second, it’s worth replacing it with Ring of Earth/Speed Ring.

yeah, got it.Thanks!