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Oh cool, what’s your setup?

I have a DESKTOP-RCLGQD0, a $30 gaming logitech programable mouse, a $200 programable coarsair keyboard a large mousepad, and 2 medium sized screens.

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Oh cool, that’s a powerful setup!

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:person_facepalming: just realised I said “oh cool” twice, I’m a broken record lol




do you guys know whats the problem with this code?

function defend() {
    var lane1 = 1 
    var lane2 = 2 
    var lane3 = 3 
    var lane0 = 0
    var enemyUnits1 = hero.findEnemyUnits(lane1)[0];
    var enemyUnits2 = hero.findEnemyUnits(lane2)[0];
    var enemyUnits3 = hero.findEnemyUnits(lane3)[0];
    var enemyUnits0 = hero.findEnemyUnits(lane0)[0];
    var ball1 = hero.findBoulders(lane1)[0];
    var ball2 = hero.findBoulders(lane2)[0];
    var ball3 = hero.findBoulders(lane3)[0];
    var ball = hero.findBoulders(lane0)[0];
    if (hero.distanceTo(ball1) < 20 && enemyUnits1) {
        hero.summon("elemental", lane1);
        hero.summon("phoenix", lane1);
        hero.summon("orb", lane1);
    if (hero.distanceTo(ball2) < 20 && enemyUnits2) {
        hero.summon("elemental", lane2);
        hero.summon("phoenix", lane2);
        hero.summon("orb", lane2);
    if (hero.distanceTo(ball3) < 20 && enemyUnits3) {
        hero.summon("elemental", lane3);
        hero.summon("phoenix", lane3);
        hero.summon("orb", lane3);
    if (hero.distanceTo(ball) < 20 && enemyUnits0) {
        hero.summon("elemental", lane0);
        hero.summon("phoenix", lane0);
        hero.summon("orb", lane0);

it will keep giving me an error saying the ball is not an object

after a boulder reaches the spawn point, there is no boulder in that lane.
so, hero.findBoulders(lane)[0] may be undefined.

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hey guys, when the Anti Gravity is end?

It has already finished

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Already announced(I didn’t write it until after the competition, woo woo)

Results have been announced. Congrats to all the winners! Looks like it was a super-close match-up at the top!

I thought this was a very interesting season, with a LOT of complexity emerging from the way the units and other mechanics interacted. Very impressed with the strategies that players were able to come up with.

Many thanks to @nick, @Venneth and the rest of the CodeCombat team for another exciting season!


Hey @nick, @Venneth there seems to be a problem. The winner verification form tells me that I need permission. Here is a screenshot

Thank you!

Thanks for the report! Forwarded it to the team, expect it to be opened soon, sorry for the inconvenience


Me too ( Unable to fill in)

The forms should be accessible now, thanks for your patience!

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Congratulations, @Buddeycc, on your win, and to all the top competitors for this season!


Congratulations to everyone!!! You did very well and win all the top competitors for this season!

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hey @Buddeycc I’m a beginner in this programming so I don’t know too much about it. Can you lend me your code, I need it to study more about Python. Thank you very much!!

Hey, AlexPro.

See if this website can help you:


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