Beta Test "Anti Gravity" Arena

Hello Everyone! The Challenge arena for season 10 of AILeague, “Anti Gravity”, is now open for beta testing!

Like previous similar beta tests goes, everything ( features, API, balance) might be changed, bugs might be here and there, ladder might be reset (save your code locally if you want to), and code might not work suddenly.
Anti Gravity beta test
Feel free to post suggestions here, and the bugs you found along the way


Mirroring is broken I win on team humans but lose in ogres.

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There is some chance in the game but I think your submitted code is actually the starter code, which automatically submits, and the code for the game shown is with your current code


Its like moving your fierce forces code but adding one more lane to it

Guys I found a bug that can be abused and im reporting it here

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 11.34.04 AM
the hero.wait is bugged and makes the enemy wait too

Hmmm, can you send a match link where this happens, it works normally for me


works against some people

It seems that that person’s code works by reacting to what you are doing, so if you do nothing, they wouldnt do anything as well

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Another Bug


Says I lost but on spectate won:
Game link


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Also summoning units sometimes do not come out in all the matches.
Hero.wait(t) ruins the whole gameplay & ratings.

Is there an better alternative?

hero.wait(t) simply stops code execution for your own code for t amount of seconds, I don’t see how it would ruin the gameplay and/ or ratings, however you could explain as to why from your perspective.

As for the submission, it could take some time for the system to register your new code, however it might be something deeper, i will try to investigate.

I think it could be because of the chance of boulder status effects

Its from hint 4
There is a 20% chance of being explosive or ignited when it is spawned

Yeah thats just my code right now. :grin:

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it was already submitted. :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging:



could there be speed of the boulders and duration of effects in API?

added boulder.currentSpeed that returns the current speed of the boulder (but not direction)

Technically with the current APIs I think its possible to get the current duration of the effects of the boulder to some accuracy, but if its not enough then you can let me know

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True, I lost… :frowning:

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added hero.getUpcomingGravityMode() returns the next gravity mode that the gravity orb would change to




Orb suddenly appears in front of the elemental because of the high-speed difference, causing the orb to die first.

Is there a guard against the boulder spawning behind a unit traveling forward due to the one second respawn time?