Are decoys too annoying in multiplayer?

I even have proof look at this

and this

I am only 8 I also used some ritic tactics and consecrate and backstab(consecrate is useful)
also @hmm3hero is using the enemy=hero.findNearestEnemy enemy.say(somthing)and i am getting frustrated @nick can you look in to this?

Yes, he somehow gives me an error.

And I do nothing. 20

and I deleted my code and is still a error

Congrats!) Domo arigato godzaimas)) You’re one of several active now players who are able to)))

The point is that one need to beat almost everyone in the pool to reach quite high ranking. Without losses and ties. So your code should work for many players.

At this moment I think only me and @hmm3hero can do that. @nick, @xython, and some more skilled people also i believe.
If someone is in the first 10 (or even 20 I’d say) - it’s pretty good place. Especially for players who submitted their code months and years ago.

I know I know, I noticed) It;s OK to win in battle with me)

Uhmm, it’s strange. He looked to play fair game.

I think he changed his code also I am in ranks 64 and 91

also @Alexbrand I knocked you out of the top ten in blue

Talking about ranking we get a little offtopic)
As for decoys and @hmm3hero - what is his hero with error - knight or champion?

he is using Tharin(20)so knight I think

I had an error. He somehow bugged me. But when I changed my code, and I think I will win it said I have infinite loop.

@PeterPalov I also beat u and knocked you out of the top 10 in red

Yeah. And?

The interesting thing is that once more people realize that using decoys is a good strategy, less people will use swords, which will result in the decoy strategy being less effective… It might even take away the point of swords in multiplayer.

I’ve also recently looked at DimaP’s strategy in Dueling grounds. He builds fences in the bottom right corner then summons decoys for the rest of the game. After the 10th second not one line of my code is run while I get killed by the skeletons.
Here’s a thought: why not only allow hammers for non-sub heroes? The combination of Nalfar’s summoning ability and the hammers fences and decoys is a bit OP, whereas it’s reasonably balanced with Tharin/Anya or the rest because they can’t summon skeletons or raise-dead. I think that’s one advantage that could be fairly given to the basic warriors.


I suggested only allowing it for warriors. I think we should allow all warriors to summon decoys, because I feel that without decoys there simply is no way for warriors(subscriber or not) to keep up with rangers or wizards. Also, less people might subscribe if they only can use decoys if they use non-subscribed warriors. Just my thoughts :smiley:
Edit: Now I’m going the decoy +bear-traps strategy(If you can’t beat em, join em!)

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What’s wrong with his strategy? Many people attack by bear-traps and make decoys, it’s almost the same. he made Mega archer, and people use many bear-traps.

@PeterPalov it’s because Dima is placing units outside the map, making it impossible for the enemy player to attack anything another than that decoy(Because decoys override targetting). Which technically can be considered an exploit.

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No. He didn’t. His the last code submitting was 4 months ago and since that time his actions are on the arena.

So that was another player? My bad. I think fences themselves are too troublesome in arenas. One guy trapped themselves in the corner and used Boom Ball to spam the ability without taking damage.

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