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Arena: Disc Fight

Disc Fight

You can now play as ogres! Fight and defeat the enemy headhunter to show who the king is. This arena is completely a skill based arena, so only your code matters. May the cleverest win! Your hero will have access to all of the methods unlocked by sense stones and glasses, as well as 3 simple abilities that may help you become victorious!

Hero Abilities:
hero.attack(): Shoot a disc that deals 100 damage. (128 DPS)
hero.stomp(): Stomp on the ground, dealing up to 15 damage and knocking away units within 15m. (Cooldown: 10s)
hero.throw(): Throw a boulder that deals 100 AoE damage. (Cooldown: 5s)

To further boost your combat, you can collect gold and spawn units! Here’s a quick list of summonable units:

  • Scouts: Very fast, but weak melee unit. Costs 10 gold.
  • Shaman: Ranged, but fragile unit. Costs 25 gold.
  • Ogre: Slow, tanky melee unit. Costs 15 gold
  • Brawler: High damage, high health melee unit. Extremely slow. Costs 100 gold.
  • Catapult: Shoots high-damage flaming shells that deal area damage. Can also use attackPos. Costs 75 gold.
  • Chieftain: Fast attacks, high DPS, high health, and good speed. Costs 150 gold.

Check the hints guide for detailed information and exact statistics.

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Note: This is not part of the league championships