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Backwoods Forest - Free account - error with the first level?


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So I remember when I played through Backwoods it seemed like there was an issue with the first level. Now looking at the campaign editor and an old level list I see that “Boom! and Bust” used to be a free level. At the moment I see the yellow arrow over top of this level indicating that this is the next step. However this type of action does not happen the the other campaigns.

Could there have been campaign specific code to make the arrow popup when it was free, treating this as the “first level” and this is still in place even though the level is no longer the first? Or could the game engine still be thinking this level is free? CDN issue?

The same behavior appears in the desert campaign over “The Dunes”

Also could this link be related?


After further investigation I have noticed that the Forest and Desert are the only 2 campaigns with “pay only” levels as the first level in the list. Would there be game specific code to make an arrow appear on the first level in the list of levels of a campaign?

I believe that if you just change this to location 2 for each campaign it will fix the arrow popping up and perhaps preventing or seeming like it prevents someone from continuing.


So after playing around a bit, one can drag and drop the levels to change order, so I bet that would fix it. But I do not have edit privileges or the ability to submit a patch for that. So someone with these abilities would need to check.