Benefits of subscribing

I am seriously considering subscribing but is it worth it? 100 pounds a year is quite a lot.

yes its worth it first of all you have acces to hattori hanzo second you have acces to rangers third wizards if you do subscribe dont buy anything buy some wizard things use hushbuam until you get used to her but only if your in mountain or above try getting nalfar he has useful abilitis like sacrifice and devour

Cool, I think I might become a subscriber then!

also warcy or throw might be different might be different depending of the hero

You can see the list of all premium benefits here:

Did you do it @QinWentian ?

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I know, I was just wondering… maybe I should message?

You should PM him but don’t revive this Dead Topic

OK, sry (2000000chars)


Just keep it in mind have a good day :wave: