Beta Test “Farmer's Feud” arena

Hello Everyone! The Regular season arena for season 8 of AILeague, “Farmer’s Feud”, is now open for beta testing!
Farmer’s Feud

Like previous similar beta tests goes, everything ( features, API, balance) might be changed, bugs might be here and there, ladder might be reset (save your code locally if you want to), and code might not work suddenly.

Feel free to post suggestions here, and the bugs you found along the way


Could we add any-way to add abilities like haste: Speeding up robot speed efficiency, building & speed. = 10sec cooldown

strength: Destroy blocks in a 2x radius, by 2x2. Cooldown 5sec.

bridges-new-build: build bridges over the rivers to go-over them. ( blocked entry if there’s a farm or something. )

According to the if statement I set up, the row property of the mists is not showing up as any real number. If it was showing up as a real number, the hero.say() code would not run and that error would not be showing up.

Should be fixed, thank you!

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Thank you for the suggestions!
We will take them into consideration and see what we can do with them.

This topic is now closed since the Farmer’s Feud arena is now released, to report bugs and suggestions please refer to this topic instead
Thank you.