Beta Test "Equinox" arena

Hello Everyone! The Challenge arena for season 7 of AILeague, “Equinox”, is now open for beta testing!

Equinox Beta Test

Like previous similar beta tests goes, everything ( features, API, balance) might be changed, bugs might be here and there, ladder might be reset (save your code locally if you want to), and code might not work suddenly.

Feel free to post suggestions here, and the bugs you found along the way

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Found a typo:
Screenshot 2023-03-25 4.11.59 PM

The documentation says “hero.findNearestOppenEnemy()” instead of “hero.findNearestOppentEnemy()”.

yo just a question venneth but what’s the next season’s theme name

Thanks! fixed to hero.findNearestOpponentEnemy()

A little bit off topic, however this is what’s shown on
The CodeCombat AILeague page

The arena is wonderful, it has a lot of potential, i like it

For the abilities part that the hero can cast, i have a suggestion: making it also works for the champions, how about that?

why not working?

function defend () {
function freeze () {
function operationFreezeAll (/*n*/data) {
    let champion = data.champion;
    while (true) {
        if (champion.isReady()) champion.special();
    // if (n === 1) return function (data) {
    //     let champion = data.champion;
    //     champion.moveTo('d');
    //     while (true) {
    //     }
    // }
    // if (n === 2) return function (data) {
    //     let champion = data.champion;
    //     champion.moveTo('e');
    //     while (true) {
    //     }
    // }
hero.on('spawn-ranger', defend);
hero.on('spawn-mage', operationFreezeAll);
while (true) {"archer", "a")"cannon", "b")"cannon", "c")"ice","d")

Unhandled Error: TypeError: Array.prototype.indexOf called on null or undefined

It’s not anywhere in my code though, which means error inside

Fixed, thanks!
20 chars :sweat:

That is quite an interesting idea, however currently we are trying to not make the arena have too many variables since it will be harder to balance, we’ll see what we’ll do with it, thank you for the suggestion!

Failed to load resource: /file/interface/playback-scrub-end.mp3:1 the server responded with a status of 404
also, images not loading, maybe this has something to do with it? DOMException: Failed to register a ServiceWorker for scope (‘’) with script (‘CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript’): The script has an unsupported MIME type (‘text/html’).

hmm does this work bump

sry for the off topic just wanted to see if it works

i sugest adding a mana reward for every unit killed like 1 mana for every 5 hp

Amazing arena with new things to learn and use. Keep going!

For C++ sample code, please add semicolons to lines 16~19. Thanks!
2023-04-01 09_20_34-equinox - 學習 Python, JavaScript, HTML 的程式開發 _ CodeCombat

Hello, are you still having this error? If yes can you explain it in more detail? From the details i can’t infer much, thanks!

I have thought of adding a mana when enemy killed feature, however after considering it further, powering up the enemy waves (using barracks and summon) would just be giving more mana to the opponent, so more balance adjustments will be needed, which unfortunately at the time can’t be done quickly, so have to shelf that idea for now, thank you for the idea!

Fixed and added them, thanks!

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