Beta Test "Tundra Cup" Arena

Tundra tower is using the same code base as Iron and Ice. Are you sure about anomalies?

You can read this property – 7m.

On second thought, the anomalies appear to be working fine now; perhaps it was a problem with my code.

It seems that the ogre or blue team has a big disadvantage, the trees on the left side on the red seems to not have any collision, which upon cast of a burst force, if enemies knocked into them, will die instantly for some reason(if enemies are flung outside of the map), however the blue team’s tree on the right side has some collision it seems, blocking the out of bounds force.

Huh. It’s really weird as obstacles are totally symmetrical - I mean real obstacles, not decorations. I hope it’s not an issue with the collision system

Also noticed that “burst” affects monsters and they start behave weird. If I won’t find a reason for that I just remove “burst” as too glitchy thing

Ha ha! As for monsters it was easy fix (a small typo). As for collisions - not clear yet

Well that’s great, goodluck on the collisions, i don’t really know how the level designer works there, so i don’t really know how difficult for them to debug, especially physics related stuff haha.

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K thx for the info! (2O chars)

what does the hero.getCurrentWave() function actually give? Is it a list of the types, a list of monsters, or something else? (also I played around with it a bit and is the phoenix type when doing hero.findMonsters() is “phoenix” and not “bird”?)

Monsters appear in waves. Each wave is 12 seconds, where each 3 seconds 4 monsters appear.
The information about waves contains what monster types will be in a wave.

So if you see [“ogre”, “shaman”] it means in that wave ogres appear, then shamans, then ogres, then shamans.

Thanks! Fixed.

Can I set priority for my code? Ex: I want to build a tower before using special. And what return when I use guard.findMonster?

Sorry, didn’t get it. What do you mean priority? The code is executed in the order. So if you call build before special, then the build is the first.

findMonsters maybe? You get a list of alive monsters.

Whenever an enemy guard comes near my guards, at least one of my guards freezes and does not do anything until it dies.

Interesting. Maybe something in your code or with attack method. Do you try to attack enemy guard?
@Learned what is your nick in coco?

I do not think my guards tried to attack the enemy guard. According to my code, the only units they could attack were the ones given by the guard.findMonsters() function. The same thing is happening to my anomalies; after an enemy guard comes, I cannot use certain anomalies such as the teleport anomaly.

Phoenixes doesn’t show their health status when you click them.

I have a suggestion for the guards, maybe if you add different types of guards so that people could put 2 together instead of having to put the specials on.

Like different types of guards like a ranged one, or one that does a lot of damage but is really slow.

Can you check the browser dev console? Maybe some errors there, not sure what happens and my suggestion that the player API logic falls somewhere.