Blazing battle help! [Solved]

OK, to be serious.
I can’t use the function .setNextWaveType()
Here is my full code for Blazing Battle:

while True:
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 9)
    hero.buildTower("cannon", 8)
    hero.buildTower("firebolt", 7)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 6)
    hero.buildTower("fireball", 5)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 4)
    hero.buildTower("guard", 3)
    hero.buildTower("catapult", 2)
    hero.buildTower('cannon', 1)
    hero.buildTower("cannon", 0)  
    hero.setNextWaveTypes('robobomb')#this line doesn't work.

When I try to use that function, this error displays:

Please help!
And tell me if such type of jokes as on top are spam.I won’t place them.

so try to delete the line then re-write it again.

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Thanks a lot!I just forgot to put square brackets.

This is a level help topic and mark whichever post helped you solve your problem

sure, i did that…

Great but remember when you get a line that seems right but it gives you a error try to rewrite it and try to pay close attention.

ok, just in example there were no brackets, so that was kinda strange. :roll_eyes:

It happens to me. Just do what I said for this then it should work.

yeah it already works.

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Happy birthday! :partying_face: :partying_face:


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