Any tips for blazing battle

okay so i have run into a little problem and i am starting to lose every single match and i cannot figure out why so here is mt code

    hero.buildTower("forcebolt", 1)
    hero.buildTower("cannon", 9)
    hero.buildTower("catapult", 8)
    hero.buildTower("fireball", 0)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 2)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 3)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 4)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 5)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 6)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 7)
    hero.buildTower("catapult", 8)
    hero.buildTower("catapult", 9)

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