Blazing Battle thing

Hi on blazing battle how can I upgrade my firewall first then upgrade the other things?

Can you please post your code so we can help.

ok here is the code:"

# Build towers to outlast your opponent!
# Build more towers.
while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 8)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 9)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 6)
    hero.buildTower("firewall", 7)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 0)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 1)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 2)
    hero.buildTower("forceball", 3)
    hero.buildTower("guard", 4)
    hero.buildTower("guard", 5)
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Just build a firewall like twice [or any other num of tiems] in the same spot

oh ok Thank you (20 chars)

I c u have a while True:
once it runs to the bottom, everyhting when it runs again everything will be built to the enxt lvl