How to Win Blazing Battle

I want to know how to win blazing battle because whatever I put ,it shows I am Always wrong.
Here is the code
while True:
hero.buildTower(“forceball”, 9)
hero.buildTower(“cannon”, 8)
hero.buildTower(“firebolt”, 7)
hero.buildTower(“forceball”, 6)
hero.buildTower(“fireball”, 5)
hero.buildTower(“firewall”, 4)
hero.buildTower(“guard”, 3)
hero.buildTower(“catapult”, 2)
hero.buildTower(‘cannon’, 1)
hero.buildTower(“cannon”, 0)
This is correct but It does not work

First of all, you need to format your code correctly, using this button.
format code
Then maybe we can help you.

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Can cc please add forcewall? (like firewall, but deals force damage)

Maybe make it blue(20)

Make sure you’re writing

instead of


That is not needed.

@21-Nikkil_Amarnath I recommend start with some firewalls towards the front, then add forcebolts toward the back. from there, just keep adding and upgrading stuff.

Try to set ogres army which you will easily win and your enemy will not beat that army.

Maybe shamans could do. They have very low damage.

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