Blazing Battle Help

I have a question in code combat .In Blazing Battle I put the correct codes but then its showing like this. Can you just tell what is the mistake here

Please give the codes to finish this level in .the programing language is python

  1. You see that your code has no errors, so just try to write different units, and maybe you’ll win the battle.
  2. Do not ask for correct codes, solutions, etc. That doesn’t teach you anything.

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I think this is because your opponent might have written a „better“ code than you. There is currently no right or wrong in this game, because its all about strategy. Change your strategy/code and maybe you will win, who knows 🤷‍♂️

If you want to get help on a strategy, then we are welcome to help you, but as @PeterPalov said if you only get the solutions then it does not teach you anything

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Can you just tell what is the mistake here please because I put the correct code even then its showing staryfox wins I am stuck in this 4 days that why I am asking you all
Pls help me win here

I dont know The opponents code. You do not understand. If you know your opponents code, then you might be able to outplay him. Even if you wrote a „correct“ code then you might lose. Just because you beat one person with the code you wrote, does not mean you can win against everyone

@Shasini_Amarnath, Blazing Battle is not same as the normal levels you play. It’s a multiplayer arena, which means you play lots of other players. There is no “correct” code to win the level, only code which will beat the other player. Your code has no errors, it just isn’t good enough to beat your opponent.
To fix this, either: try and write a different pattern of towers to defeat your opponent and use a while True loop to repeat the pattern. Remember that if you build a tower on a place which already has a tower of the same type then it will upgrade the tower to a higher level, so it has higher attack damage.
Or: Go to CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript, and select “Play”, then “easy”. You should find it quite easy to defeat this player. The player you’re playing against at the moment looks quite good.
I hope this helps and makes sense,


There are multiple ways to win. You can think of the towers as being on five “lanes”. If you want to level up your towers a lot, copying&pasting helps tremendously. Also, as @Deadpool198 said, this strategy is a good one. However, I’ll tell you a weakness I discovered while using the same strategy: early robobombs. Start with robobombs, then build any type of bolt tower so that you can hit them.

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