Balancing Feedback on Blazing Battle

Hello Heroes!
We’d love your feedback on the WIP Blazing Battle Arena. Specifically, we’re looking at which “units”(Both friendlies and enemies) require balancing in order to make the gameplay more interesting and with variety rather than half the units being a certain tower. Feel free to give it a spin with the link below:


Hi! Here are my thoughts on the friendly towers:
Force bolt and firebolt: Increase range a bit
Fireball is balanced
Same is force ball
Cannon area is way too big
Catapult is balanced
Gaurd needs to be buffed
And firewall needs to be a bit bigger


For me I think Forcebolt and Firebolt need to have a little more damage.

Have a question:

Is cannon fire, force, or none?

Have some suggestions:

  1. QUICKLY add coding option to towers.
  2. Buff firewall because it’s kind of weak.
  3. fix bugs such as the player named “…” used.
  4. nerf brawler’s health because it is insanely high and impossible to kill unless you use cannons or catapults.

And PLEASE buff burl because it is tooooooo weak.

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Honestly I think y’all should make a different build time for each tower like the firewall should not take as long to build as the force bolt because that would make it more realistic and challenging.

BUG=You are able to place a guard on top of any other tower without removing the tower. But otherwise the game is excellent and fun to play this will be a fun edition to CodeCombat and can’t wait for the game to release fully.

I will keep testing and will come back to y’all with more things to fix if needed.


@Archipelago-Gold i dont think that it is a bug

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Whether or not building towers on top of guards is a bug, I think it should be prevented. Otherwise, everyone will just put guard towers on all the squares and then put other towers on top of them.
I think one tower per space would be better.
Also, I think the cannon and the catapult’s damage should be reduced. There are barely any tactics (so far) which work better with different towers from them.
I think these changes will also benefit the arena in that there will be less draws. I think it happens to often that the game just runs out of time, so if you can’t double up on towers and cannons + catapults are less effective, there will always be a victor.


I think choose next wave type is a little too overpowered, so make it a third of the next wave. Also, make cannons a little stronger on fire elemental and catapult a little stronger on ice-elementals

The choose wave not is not to powerful because you would be doing the same wave. That is the only thing that makes it possible to not time out with some of the better people. It allows you to change the waves for you and the other player.

Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but when there is a fire wall a robobomb and any other big enemies(I think) sometimes the robobomb gets stuck behind the other enemy and it can go through the firewall without dying.

I don’t think the firewall is meant to affect the robobomb. You need a guard for the robobombs or another ranged tower.

You can defeat robobomb with: firewall, guard and with tower.

Actually no, the firewall is to stop the robobombs because usually when the robobombs touch the firewall they explode.

Well then maybe that is a glitch or maybe that is meant to happen idk it has never happened to me. Maybe it’s just your games that glitches? I wouldn’t know.

I have noticed that as well, they seem to get stuck behind an enemy and go around the firewall.

hmmm I guess only i have never experienced that lol

@nick here’s a few I’ve noticed that should be balanced/tweaked:

  • Remove tower-stacking
  • Cannons/Catapults both need a damage nerf. They should be low-damage + multiple targets
  • Firewalls should deal more damage.
  • Forceball should deal slight Knockback, “slowing” the entrance of enemies.
  • Arrow Tower should get a slight DPS buff, making it good for taking down larger ogres.
  • Guards need more survivability. Damage-wise it’s fine, but for later stages, guards are instantly defeated by a swarm of units. Make the tower upgrades for guards scale faster, and HP should also scale up.

Ideally, cannon and catapult should be differentiated by making cannon a “sniper” tower that deals damage to a single target rather than AoE. Low CD, single-target, high damage is something Blazing Battle is missing.

At the moment the current meta focuses on the main mix of cannons and catapults due to their very high damage capacity and AoE effect, making them superior to most other towers. Catapult needs damage nerf, and the cannon definitely should be reworked to something else.


Easiest way to buff or nerf is to change the build time of towers.
But I agree with Code_Master
QUICKLY add coding option to towers.
Every partial buff or nerf will add confusion. It is so easy to copy others strategy,
Now one can be in the top five with stupid “code” for longtime - I’m there for a week