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Possible hacker?

Somehow I am losing life but “Marsbars” is not doing anything as you can see he has no target.

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@stephanie, can you investigate this? @ducky, are you sure its not just your WIFI?

No, that is my only loss.

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Let’s see why… :man_shrugging:

Same thing happened to me when I tried it. Marsbars just stands there while my life got drained very rapidly.

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Definitely a bug here. I’ll report it on GitHub. :+1:
Edit: Done.

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Also, SuperSmacker beat me too.

SuperSmacker and Marsbars is fixed. Please feel free to report more cheaters here. :wink:

I don’t feel this is cheating, but I realized that every time that I tie, it’s because of someone else that has an X around them.

Are you sure?

Nick forgot to save it. Ducky can you report again if he does it again? Thanks

This is another known error on github, but as far as I can tell it hasn’t been fully resolved.