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Bypass Security

I made a new level called bypass security, here is the link. Please give me your feedback.

Can you please explain how this level works since you did not include any hints?


Actually let me add hints.

I just added hints @AnSeDra (20 chars)

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There is a secret on how to beat this level

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If anyone finds the secret, p.m. me it

Uhh I think you’re supposed to find it yourself, if someone freebies it for you, it ruins the purpose of learning.
~ Orb

Speedypickle1 made the level though.

ohhhhhh (20 char)
~ Orb

Well them um, shouldn’t he know the secret himself?
~ Orb

He does, he just wants us to tell him if we found the secret or not.

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Thats true and you know the secret @Lydia_Song

Yes, yes I do, yes indeed.

but there is no hint

I can’t get into the level, it says “Error loading from server”.

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Um, you posted an answer. also, I only have simple boots and know how to talk.

Yeah he’s right you should not post answers, I will take the post down