Can i return item and get the gems back

i made a wrong choice of getting the ring of speed to increase the speed of my hero . while i should increase the health . so i can’t pass any new level . can you please reset this part for me . give me the gems back and remove the ring of speed

The responsible person (@nick) has been notified, but is on vacation over the weekend. I published your request on the appropriate other channels, but I can not guarantee anything before next mid-week.

I am not able to do the reset for you, but generally your chances are good. Just may take some time.

Is there any chance for option to sell unwanted items in shop?

IMHO selling items back would be a very useful feature – even if the refund is just 50~70% of the original cost.

This would make players less hesitant when buying expensive gear to try out, and less frustrating when they find out it doesn’t suit them.

Also, it would be a big plus regarding new end-game gear releases. I’ve spent over 4k gems to buy the sword with the highest DPS in the game currently. When a more powerful sword is released costing, say, 6k, then I’d have to start saving all the way up to 6k gems again. With a 50% refund feature, I’d have to stock up less than 4k gems and sell my current sword to buy the fictional 6k sword.

IMHO, this makes releasing end-game gear seem less like a money drain, making the upgrade process more straightforward to the player and resulting in a better user experience. Of course, this does not apply to end-game gear only, but to the entire gradual progression of the user as well.

which sword did U bought?
Sword of the Forgotten has same DPS as Sword of Temple Guard but its attack speed its 2x slower and from the description I can tell it has “bash” effect.
Im wondering why SOTG is 1k more expensive, what ability it can have… Healing?
The thrid option is chain lighting gloves to try out but i can only afford one of thoes…

So please make selling posible :slight_smile: I dont want to start over again, I dont have the old functions and writing the simples again is a pain in the…

I’ve got the Sword of Temple Guard – it is 2x faster so the DPS is actually higher if you’re fighting weak enemies. As it is 2x faster, I believe your loop iterations run faster as well (need some testing to make sure).

None of them have bash or healing skills, though. The Sword of the Forgotten has the effect of pushing foes away with every attack.

Guess we need to wait until @nick and/or other CodeCombat owners agree with the idea of refunding – this can affect their business model, so this is a decision that won’t be taken lightly, apparently. Hopefully the points I’ve outlined above will weight in.

I can help implementing the refunding feature if it is accepted. :smile:

I hope Ur points will coz they came up to my mind as well

“this can affect their business model, so this is a decision that won’t be taken lightly”

I just had this thought - "Contribute Points System"
According to this info - I love this game! How can I help? people can contribute in number of ways so for every action they gain points which can be spent in shop for selling (more expensive items -> more points needed to sell it) or for unlocking levels that are only available for subscribers, heroes etc.

I’ d like that, its always better to earn something than just pay for it :slight_smile:

The feature for selling items in on the to be implemented list

@Feinty Oh, that is true – here is the tracking issue.
Looks like it may be a bit more complex than I expected, but it is good to see @nick already has plans for implementing it. :smile:

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We already have enough topics about this. We don’t need another topic discussing how and when selling can be implemented. In edge-cases Nick can do a manual refund because he has access to the player database. This is decided on a case-by-case decision. In real life you can also not simply return a bought item but have to live with it. Just play some more levels, maybe some repeatables. Simulations or achievements can also give you some extra gems.

A refund-option is planned and on the way, but at the current point it is non-existent. Period.