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Hi I can help tranlate to Russian language

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Hi, i found a deficiency in Bangers font set.
This image shows the hungarian translation of the โ€œEditorโ€ menuitem:

Hungarian language use double accents characters like unicode ucs-2 small and capital o,u with double acute ($0150, $0151, $0170, $0171).
I downloaded the Bangers font from codecombat page resources and i added these characters. How can i send to you?

Edit: Resolved by email. Thanks. :smile:

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Hi Community :sunny:

I have the ability to translate from " English " into " Arabic " so Fast & so Easy & very Accurately !

  • I am from Saudi Arabia " The source and the origin of the Arabic language "

  • My mother is a " Saudi " and my father is an " American " < so i can speak both languages >

I have a friend with me , he is a Saudi also and he got a " Bachelor " in Arabic language and he is an " Arabic teacher "

Am pretty sure that we have all the specifications to translate into our main language wish is Arabic.

( Knowing that there is a 22 Arab countries in the Middle East speak one language which
is " Arabic " about 370 million people and the difference is only in the Accent ! )

Thanks. :wink:

I am working on the Danish translation together with my friend (github: sorsjen).

I have done Czech translation, as per here, review and check within site content is still needed.

There is, however, an issue with accented characters rendering, see screenshots below. These are all the possible accented characters used in Czech language: ฤ›ลกฤล™ลพรฝรกรญรฉรบลฏลˆฤรณลฅ ฤšล ฤŒล˜ลฝรรรร‰ล‡ฤŽร“ลค

keywords: czech ฤesky ฤeลกtina pล™eklad

I think weโ€™re going to need to solve before the header fonts will look okay for many of our languages.

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hi :slight_smile:

I can translate to Hebrew.
How do i startโ€ฆ?

Check out this file:

Fork it, edit it (you can do it directly on GitHub), and then submit a pull request. Also, sign the CLA.

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great! thx:)

just one more thing - hebrew is written from right to leftโ€ฆ how can i change the dir to rtlโ€ฆ?

If the GitHub web editor doesnโ€™t support it, you could work on it in an editor that does and paste it in. I think RTL text is showing up correctly on the site, but itโ€™s hard for me to tell.

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I can translate it to Chinese.
I see someone did this, but still need more work.

I see pt-br translation still need some improvement.
Iโ€™m doing it right now, ok?

hmโ€ฆ have try to update the Chinese (simplified)
the pull request is

Hi guys,
Iโ€™m French and I currently have a lot of spare time these last days.
My english is not so bad, so let me know if I can help with English->French translation.

I want to translate to โ€œFarsiโ€, "Persian"
How to start it???

@LekiDuckHasz French is pretty complete until we can add the ability for Diplomats to translate the level dialogues and record audio, but you could take a look here:

@Alireza You can fork this and make new translations here:

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Hi guys,
Do you need English to Bulgarian? Please let me know what exactly needs to be done. :slight_smile:

Yes! Just check out this file on GitHub:

You should be able to fork it, edit it, and submit a pull request all from the GitHub web interface. Thanks for your help!

Hello! I can translate to Russian and Ukrainian.

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I would love helping with Spanish (Spain) translations