Cavern-survival - how does income rate work?

On the multiplayer level “cavern survival” I noticed my opponents sometimes have a way faster income rate than I do.

How is that possible? Shouldn’t it be equal for every player? What factor decides the speed of gaining gold/sec automatically on this level?

Depends on what Boss Star they have.

Boss Stars are unlocked starting in the Mountain levels. The higher the Boss Star level, the greater starting gold and income they have. Currently there are four available Boss Stars, with a fifth one unreleased. (You can check the Thang editor to see this). Also, higher Boss Star level grants the hero to summon better units. (There’s a guide somewhere on the forum.)

A rough conversion scale is as follows:

startingGold = 20 * bossStarLevel
income (gold/sec) = 2^(bossStarLevel - 2)

Oh I see! Thank you. I have the 3rd bossStart, I though that was the last one. Good to know!