Characters Dissapering

Shieldmith and Ritic have disappeared from the Heroes tab. Is this intentional or a bug. Also, why are heroes like Pender avalible for purchase with gems even though I have not defeated those levels to unlock her.

Could you send a screenshot?

you are correct i cannot see them but i can not purchase pender

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and look at this video

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Yes they have but I believe it is a update. Although I am not sure because I have not seen any update notes or info.

For more help about it contact a leader like, @nick or @Bryukh

The characters haven’t really disappeared. They are just locked.

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Oh, That fix’s it lol

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@Luke10 The image druidlord uploaded is kind of what I see. Ritic and Shieldsmith are gone. But however on my device, charaters like Pennder which are unlocked in the Desert are available for purchase for gems even though I am still in Backwoods Forest. Meaning I can unlock any character in the game before beating those levels

Like they have a yellow in their background instead of the usual locked sign

Did you unlock those characters?

Not yet. Like Steelclaw is unlocked after beating Deadly Pursuit. However I have not beaten that level but he is unlocked and purchasable for like 2k gems

And are the images of those characters gone?

They are still there. Should I send you a screen shot of what I see?

Sure you can…it may be a bug

I can unlock Pennder for 3000 gems

But I have not defeated those levels yet as you can see the world is locked.

Hello, we are updating the hero unlock procedure.

Ritic and Illia were not complete just yet, so we had to hide them for now.

But, subscribers can now unlock any hero if they have the gems to do so.

Thank you for the clarification. I was confused why I could unlock every hero in the game. As you mentioned Ritic and illia were not complete yet, some people may have already accquired them due to the fact that subsrcibers can unlock any hero, people with 20k gems may be able to unlock shieldsmith before you hid them.

how about the other babes