Why did I lose all my gems?

Tonight I played the following levels:

  • Mountain Mercenaries
  • Dance off
  • Black Diamond
  • Treasure Cave

I had over 3k gems and have been stockpiling them. After I completed Dance Off, I purchased Pender @1k gems (I looked over this very carefully before purchasing and even declined to purchase twice). It marked me at 3400 gems before the purchase. After which I did the last two levels I listed. Now, after no additional purchases I have 600 gems. That is a loss of 2k gems. This should not happen… really for any reason I can think of. How can we fix this?

I’m pretty sure that Pender costs more than 1000 gems. At least I paid more for her. I was roughly at 3.4k (maybe a bit less, not sure) as well before I bought her, and after that I was blank. And when I did this it totally made sense with all numbers involved.
Sadly I can now not look at the price again, maybe another player could be so nice?

Despite from that I inform @nick about this, as he usually resolves things like this (I do not have access to the Playerdatabase).

This may indeed be the case. I am saying I looked at it 4 times (2 declines, a re-perusal, and finally a confirmation) before I purchased. It said 1k so I confirmed because given the abilities, I thought it was a good deal. I remember specifically thinking that it was a good deal because it was cheaper than I had paid for Omarn. Had it said more, I would have kept the gems. I personally don’t care which happens. I haven’t even used Pender and would gladly not have him as I was stockpiling.

The important thing here is this was not a mistake. There is a problem here, but there is no way for me to replicate it for proof. Perhaps there might be another way, but I don’t have access to that.

Please keep in mind that I don’t think this is anyone’s fault and there is no blame. I’m also not angry in any way. I’ve been a hardcore gamer and coder for 20+ years and love and support in-game purchases. I especially support this game and have a subscription just to support it.

I’ve reset your Pender purchase, so you should have your gems back. You also should be able to tell me whether it still shows 1000 for you on the purchase price, or whether it shows 3400 now. It’s a weird one!

Thank you. It is now showing 3400 correctly. After thinking about it a bit, I can only think of one other thing that was a bit weird. I don’t think it had any effect, but I suppose it is possible. My character had the Boss Star I prior to completing Clash of the Clones.

I’m pretty sure I got it when I beat an pre-released Mountain adventurer level last week. I can’t say for sure when I got it because I was never prompted. It wasn’t there and then it was… and in fact, I didn’t even find out until I was doing something much later and it was in my inventory.