Choose Your Favourite AI League Arena

  • Blazing Battle
  • Infinite Inferno
  • Mages Might
  • Sorcerers Blitz
  • Giants Gate
  • Colossus Clash
  • Iron And Ice
  • Tundra Tower
  • Desert Duel
  • Sandstorm Blitz
  • Magma Mountain
  • Lava Lake Clash
  • Frozen Fortress
  • equinox Cup
  • Farmers Feud
  • Farmscape Blitz
  • Storm Siege
  • Snowhold Clash
  • Fierce Forces
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I like it cause I like kiting and fiddiling with the guards in Tundra Tower lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Snowhold was my fav bc of how balanced it was and not just one tactic was used.

Well you know what I’m going to vote for…

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Me casually voting Colossus cuz it’s the only one I participated

Isnt there Ace of coders as well?

I would vote that

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there are a lot of tactices & combinations, so you need to be really for them all.

I wish tho, that some kind of tournament like that would come again.

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