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Classic Dungeon disabled for students?


My students LOVE Code Combat, but I’ve noticed that they cant enter the classic dungeon with armor, swords and equipment . The arena works for them, but i want them to use more functions like loops, variables and functions.

Thank you,

Chris DeAngelis

Just realized i dont have a specific question…

How can I allow my students to progress through the classic dungeon, and experience gaining equipment/abilities/functions?

Thank you!

Hi Christopher,

By ‘classic dungeon’, do you mean the campaign dungeon? There are differences between a student account and a game/campaign account. We will need someone from the staff to confirm this, but I believe this might be the issue.


I was afraid of this. Would you suggest I have my students make a second account to explore the campaign/game version?

Thank you

That is not something I’m qualified for…let’s wait for the experts to chime in. I’m hoping that they will have a solution that works for you.

My gut response is, yes, let them create their own personal accounts and explore, but keep in mind, you will not be able to monitor/control their activities at a classroom level. Again, let’s let the guys who know this aspect speak out. @Chaboi_3000, please help point Christopher in the proper direction.

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The campaign version is suitable for individuals, who want to work at their own pace. The student version is specially designed so teachers can see which students need the most help, which needs extension. For students that are doing fine, or slightly struggling, the student version is suitable. For students who are way ahead of others, I recommend creating an individual account for those students so they can also enjoy the experience.

Tell the arena to put loops and all those functions and it will probably work